Marieke Chataigner Marieke Chataigner

Put Tahiti on repeat list

It is time for more New Zealanders to consider visiting French Polynesia more regularly, like they do other parts of the Pacific, rather than a one-off experience, says the general manager of Tahiti Travel Experts, Marieke Chataigner.

Chataigner is well versed in the Kiwi market, having worked as director global sales with Marriott in Auckland for six years.

She says New Zealand is now on her radar and she is looking to expand her relationships with trade here.

‘At the moment the New Zealand market tends to be a two-island one, combining Tahiti with Moorea or Bora Bora. But there are many hidden islands that would suit the market – like Taha’a or Huahine or even the Tuamotu Islands including Rangiroa.

‘There is so much choice and we need to encourage New Zealanders to see us as a repeat market – still a lot of people see it as a once in a lifetime thing to do, but we are only four and a half hours away.’

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