Time for return of Coral route?

Time for return of Coral route?

A well known Kiwi representative for Pacifc Island destinations and products has called for innovative ideas to boost travel in the region when it is safe to do so.

Susan Williams, of Hogan and Associates, says one such idea borrows from the past, but generated plenty of interest when she mentioned it on Facebook over the weekend.

‘Wouldn’t it be great if Air NZ reintroduced the Coral Route? Fiji... Cooks... Tahiti.... Samoa and Tonga. Some may remember popular combos with Vanuatu and New Caledonia with UTA? I’d love to see Pacific combos. Any thoughts ?’

Williams says with clients less likely to be heading on extended long haul trips, many will be keen to take in multiple stops or extended discovery-type trips in their own back yard.

‘Surely that is what has been missing in the Pacific in recent years? I remember when combination trips to what was then New Hebrides (Vanuatu) and New Caledonia were popular and there is definitely potential for a revised and imaginative approach to Pacific combos.

‘When I posted the history of the Coral route on Facebook it generated a surprising number of phone calls from both industry colleagues and mates who travel.’

In recent years there have been some moves towards multi Pacific itinerares but they have come from private and charter flight providers,’ says Williams.

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