Monday, 04 October 2021 23:31

Tourism a new NCEA subject

Confirmation of tourism as a new NCEA subject is a welcome development for tourism educators and the tourism industry, says AUT hospitality and tourism senior lecturer Megan Roberts.

‘Both sectors have been especially hard hit by the global pandemic,’ she says. ‘It is an acknowledgement of the contribution of tourism to the national economy and of a desire for communities across New Zealand to benefit from a renewed and regenerated tourism industry.’

Roberts says tourism education in Aotearoa has long suffered from a ‘disparity of esteem’; being predominantly categorised as vocational, the study of tourism has lacked credibility while often perceived as less rigorous compared to more traditional subjects.

Published in New Zealand

A move by tourism teachers to form a dedicated association looks set to have a positive downstream result for employers in the travel and tourism sectors.

Published in New Zealand