Scott Mehrtens Scott Mehrtens

End of line for many businesses?

Tourism Export Council (TECNZ) chair, Scott Mehrtens says he is concerned this latest setback for tourism will be a ‘body blow’ to many in the sector.

‘Right now our industry needs urgent support – this could be the end of the line for so many businesses.’

Mehrtens says the council has ‘really big concerns’ for the entire industry.

‘Having come off four months of lockdowns from August to December then to only have a few short weeks of earning potential from mid December to 23 January and now go into the red traffic light system where it’s basically impossible to run any events or inter-island tourism – it is a recipe for disaster.

‘Yet again it is the same sectors that are taking the body blows caused by the restrictions but this time with no financial support. I really cannot see how some of our members can survive this outbreak, which is horrific given that they have lasted this long only to tumble in the last stretch of the marathon we have endured,’ adds Mehrtens.

‘Surely with widespread cases in the community that will no doubt occur with Omicron, the border will no longer pose the same threat, so we must be closer than ever to seeing international tourists return to New Zealand.’

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