Rewards kick in for agents

Rewards kick in for agents

NZSidekick reports a strong response from the trade to its Agent Rewards as the programme heads into its second year.

NZSidekick is an online wholesaling platform offering a range of comprehensive New Zealand travel packages. This is then paired with a team of New Zealand specialists dedicated to agents to assist them to curate itineraries for their clients.

‘We know it hasn’t been easy for agents over the past year and we wanted to find a way to lift spirits,’ account manager, Sabina Din says. 

‘Our Agent Rewards programme, enables agents not only to receive commissions on bookings made through the NZSidekick platform, but to also earn additional points that can be used as personal travel credit. With a ‘if we sell it, the agent can buy it’ approach, NZSidekick wants to reward their agent superheroes and give them the chance to explore their own magical backyard.

Amber King, Travel Advocates, says she used her first travel credit on an apartment in Christchurch, and the second credit on a car hire in Queenstown.

King says she has been deaingwith NZSidekick for some time.  ‘I like that the itineraries are completely my branding.’

Sarah Gaffney, Travel Managers Group, says she is ‘so happy’ with arrangements NZSidekick has put together for her clients. ‘I am no domestic expert, and so the suggestions and add-ons are great for upselling and making me look more knowledgeable’

She has used rewards for a weekend at Cordis hotel in Auckland city for her birthday, with dinner at Eight restaurant.

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