NZ tourism in for tough 6 months

NZ tourism in for tough 6 months

Business confidence in New Zealand’s tourism industry is improving but remains low, according to Tourism New Zealand’s latest industry survey.

‘As expected, the six month outlook is poor, with some optimism for the 12 month outlook. This shows that despite the increase in domestic tourism (and business reorientation) businesses are still concerned in the wake of Covid-19 and border restrictions. The poor six month outlook reflects the importance of summer months to businesses, a time when international visitors and

spend are at their highest, Tourism NZ says.

Employment in tourism is set to remain flat against current levels but is still down 39% from summer 2019-20. The survey shows that small businesses expect to hire more staff over summer, suggesting their smaller size is allowing them to adapt quicker to the changing situation.

Tourism New Zealand chief executive, Stephen England-Hall says it is encouraging to see that operators are using this time to improve their digital expertise, their people and their product, including using the assistance on offer through services like Qualmark.’

The research surveyed 650 tourism businesses.

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