Janet Purdy on the Alps 2 Ocean cycleway Janet Purdy on the Alps 2 Ocean cycleway

‘On yer bike’, advice to clients can lead to benefits for agents

 Multi generational travel, ‘hub and spoke’ itineraries, and complex trips combining food, wine and adventure are all areas that travel agents can work in to benefit from Kiwis’ increasing desire to get on their bikes.

Janet Purdy, general manager of Ngā Haerenga The NZ Cycle Trail, says agents are definitely engaging with the organisarion and its operators and earning commission as a result.

‘Agents can find all the resources they need on our website and we have a directory of commissionable product and operators. We have at least 50 companies with commisionable product and they understand how the trade system works.’

Purdy says many Kiwis dusted off their old bikes during lockdown, rediscovered a love for the activity and are now keen to discover more of New Zealand on two wheels.

‘Tourism New Zealand statistics show that 43% of New Zealanders intend to spend more on domestic travel this year than they normally would and 16% of them say they are likely to spend more on cycling.’

Meantime, some operators on cycleway trails report being 60% up in June and July on the same period last year.

‘We seeing more demand on epic trails, plus ‘bike packing’ where people might travel light and stay in accommodation rather than camp. That gives agents an pportuity.’

She says the trade can benefit packaging holistic experiences around cycling. Close to urban centres they can include various food and wine experiences, upmarket accommodation to use as a base, shuttles and other transport.

‘There are certainly opportunities for agents around some of the more complex situations – a group of friends travelling together, significant birthdays, families etc.’