Jacqui Wilkinson Jacqui Wilkinson

Small operators seek big voice in recovery

A group designed to ensure that small operators in the tourism sector get their say in the future of tourism has grown from a handful of members to more than 120 in its Facebook group in the space of a week.

RESET is looking to have a voice on the Tourism Futures Taskforce and has nominated Jacqui Wilkinson, founder and director of Adventure Capital to be a core member of that initiative. ‘One thing this crisis has made us aware of is that although the industry predominantly consists of small operators we have no say,’ says Wilkinson. ‘We have a long term significant vision about what we want to achieve and we need a voice alongside the larger corporations.’

Among the messages RESET hopes to communicate are the need for a value, not volume, approach and a genuine commitment to sustainability. ‘We need to think about how we recover and then what we do in that recovery.’ Click here for info.

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