Stuba moves for NZ trade

Stuba moves for NZ trade

Recognising and responding to the changing needs and challenges of travel trade partners remains the top priority for Stuba, says the accommodation wholesaler’s BDM New Zealand and Queensland, Lisa Linn.

‘We constantly receive feedback about how supportive Stuba has been over the last two years with processing refunds and handling credits,’ says Linn.

‘Now as travel and business picks up, we are ensuring that our service and business model meets the evolving demands being put on retailers.’

Linn says Stuba, which represents more than 123,000 three-star properties globally, is B2B only and does not deal direct with customers.

‘Agents pay us net rates so they receive their commission straight away. We also have refundable rates so a booking can be cancelled before the cancellation fees apply.’

She says this is particularly important in the current business environment.

‘Demand for accommodation is outstripping supply at the moment and we are all facing price changes and volatile exchange rates.

‘With the variable rates we suggest locking in the accommodation as soon as possible. Because Stuba doesn’t have exchange rate surcharges, agents know that once it is booked it won’t change.’

Linn says Stuba contacts the accommodation supplier seven days before a client checks in to make 100% sure that what the traveller  has booked will be delivered to expectation.

‘I am here on the ground in New Zealand which gives agents confidence if they need any assistance. I am happy to talk and go through the website with agents – there are a few tricks to help speed up the searching process once they get a log on.’

Stuba has launched an incentive that gives travel agents the chance to win one of 10 $100 shopping vouchers.

The offer applies for all Stuba bookings made over $250 between now and 26 June.