Jason Buckley Jason Buckley

Independent model attracts interest from those wanting to balance best of both worlds

Flight Centre New Zealand has  seen renewed interest in its independents models since the New Zealand government’s latest border announcements,.

‘Almost all of this is from experienced industry staff exploring what potential options are now available,’ says Jason Buckley, GM independent models with the group.

‘It’s a healthy  mix of previous brokers and retail store consultants all looking to maximise their time in a post Covid work environment, – many combining a new juggle of outside commitments with a passion for the industry.

‘So, naturally the broker model works well for those looking to balance the best of both worlds as they navigate the transition back into travel.

‘If Covid has given us anything, it is flexibility with potential new members all keen to ensure they have access to productive technology systems, easily accesses support teams and keeping an up on market competitive commercial return.

‘It is good to see that demand is back, and the light at the end of the tunnel is finally here,’ Buckley adds


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