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Flighties Forever site for alumni

Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG), has launched a new website that puts departed alumni front in line for roles when travel opens up again.    

Having lost many of its people during the Covid-19 pandemic through stand down and redundancy, the travel retailer is determined to stay connected to those reluctantly let go.   

The new website, Flighties Forever, will help the company continue to do that - allowing its people (past and present) to mark their place in the company’s history books, plus receive job alerts, access to company news and professional development tips.   

Additionally, the travel retailer encourages others in the travel industry interested in future roles to join its network.   

Flight Centre Travel Group New Zealand managing director David Coombes says its biggest loss during the pandemic was that of its people.

‘Our people have always been our greatest asset and our biggest investment. To lose so many talented Flighties as a result of the pandemic has been one of the hardest challenges we’ve faced,’  Coombes says.   

‘As we start to rebuild and look ahead to the future, we don’t want to lose our connection to the past.’   

Flight Centre Travel Group will ensure its alumni will be first in line for any roles advertised.  To date, since the company reduced its size, 85% of new recruits have been ex Flighties.   


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