Brent Thomas, TAANZ president Brent Thomas, TAANZ president

TAANZ: Aus, vax, refunds

Travel agents are seeing growing interest in travel to Queensland as winter starts to set in, says Travel Agents Association president Brent Thomas.

He says that travel to Australia in general is  ‘building nicely’, despite setbacks like the current lockdown in Victoria.

‘We are worried about the situation in Victoria at the moment, but at this time of the year travel there is generally around business, VFR and special events.

‘Most bookings at the moment are into Queensland and that’s moving nicely. We’ll see what happens this week but at this stage Queensland is definitely picking up.’

Thomas says the real key is getting most of the population vaccinated.

‘That’s where we are putting a lot of our attention at the moment. The pause situation is working to an extent but there is a long way to go and the Cook Islands and Australia won’t totally solve the industry’s problems. We need long haul to come back and that’s where vaccinations come in.’

Meantime TAANZ, along with the New Zealand Travel Suppliers Group, has a meeting with David Clark, Minister for Consumer Affairs, scheduled in Wellington on Thursday.

Thomas says the aim is to discuss unlocking the $20 million not allocated yet from the Consumer Travel reimbursement Scheme.

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