Tech will free up resources

Tech will free up resources

Airline apps are among the key drivers in the digitisation of travel and need to be designed to allow for a seamless and frictionless customer experience, says Lance Batty, regional director, South Pacific at Amadeus.

‘The more that customers are able to do on their own device, the less physical contact is required in shared spaces – something which many customers will be averse to after at least a year of concern about virus transmission vectors and avoiding public spaces,’ he says.

‘These new technologies present benefits for customers, who will have higher expectations as they return to more travel for leisure, but it’s also a win for airlines. Less hardware and reducing unnecessary personal interaction in the terminal will allow for airlines to free up resources to improve the customer experience where it counts, like supporting special needs and offering more personalised services.’

Batty says more flexible technology can also be beneficial for carriers that can negotiate transaction-based charging models with their suppliers. This enables them to scale costs up and down.’

On an opinion piece entitled ‘A fresh approach for airlines post-Covid’, noted that the pandemic has presented a number f challenges for all sectors, particularly the aviation industry.

‘However, it has also presented an opportunity to adopt new approaches and technology, which allow the industry to be best prepared for whatever comes next.’

He adds that one of the few positive impacts has been the dramatic increase in the uptake of modern digital tools.

Strong contingency plans essential

Issues around the Covid pandemic present a need to develop strong contingency plans for all possible outcomes, says Lance Batty, regional director, South Pacific at Amadeus.

‘The past year has shown that the status quo is not as solid as it may seem, so having thorough plans for eventuality is a necessity of any business.

‘We have seen in recent months that open borders can be closed again in seconds, as was the case with the New Zealand to Australia corridor, or that snap lockdowns can also disrupt travel plans overnight.’

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