CAPA chair: Vaccines to be ‘sideshow’ in 2021

CAPA chair: Vaccines to be ‘sideshow’ in 2021

For most of the year vaccines will ‘really just be a sideshow’ for international aviation, according to CAPA – Centre for Aviation chairman emeritus Peter Harbison.

Giving his chairman’s lounge outlook 2021 address at CAPA Live this week, Harbison asserted that the real key to reopening remains effective and improved testing and tracing methods that are

multilaterally agreed on. ‘It’s the medical officers who will determine market access. They will be the decision makers in opening international markets and they will need to be confident of controlling domestic spread should that be the case with international visitors coming in, and even nationals returning.’

Harbison says that for international travel the direct and flow-on impact of new vaccines will be limited. ‘The roll out will take many months. We’ve already seen significant delays and clear indications of difficulties in the supply chain and having the human resources to deliver.

He says an ‘interesting point’ for the industry is that vaccination priority is going to be given to categories who actually have, in most cases, lower
travel propensity.

‘The younger, more healthy people will not receive vaccinations until later in 2021, even if they receive them in 2021.’

Harbison says there is also the issue of the recognition by national health authorities of the many vaccines that have been or are being developed.

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