APAC travellers ‘most anxious’

APAC travellers ‘most anxious’

People in the Asia Pacific region are less likely to feel confident about international travel right now than those in Europe and USA.

Gavin Harris, commercial director of strategic partnerships with Skyscanner, says the company’s latest weekly travel pulse data shows that globally, 19% of people say they would feel safe travelling internationally now.

‘A few weeks ago it was 25%, so we’re going backwards.’

Harris says there is more enthusiasm for domestic tourism, with 42% saying it is safe to travel now and 22% saying that they won’t feel safe for six months or more.

In Asia Pacific, only 8% of respondents say it is safe to travel overseas at the moment, while 61% say they are unlikely to be confident of their safety travelling internationally for at least six months.

In comparison, 17% of USA respondents and 25% of Europeans surveyed, feel that it is safe to travel abroad now.

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