Keith Sumner Keith Sumner

‘No gossip’ as crisis bites

Among the stories of colleagues and competitors coming together for the common good of the travel and tourism sectors, it is important that people don’t cause harm with conjecture, says business owner and TAANZ (Travel Agents’ Association if New Zealand) board member Keith Sumner.

‘At this time, any speculation about who may or may not be ‘going under’ is bound to cause more harm and hurt than good,’ says Sumner, managing director of Gilpin Travel. ‘In many cases the business you are talking about may be the one you want to return to after the crisis. Business owners are stressed to the max and they may not be certain of what to do next right now. But they are working as hard as they can to figure this out.

‘It is human nature to gossip, we all do it, but if customers and suppliers hear things that are being spread about people’s own companies and about their competitors it does the industry absolutely no good. We are in this together and we will get through it by being kind and working with our suppliers and friends.’

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