Jamie Gray Jamie Gray

Mobile changes things for TMCs

Mobile technology and the desire for business travellers to have control (and immediacy) over their own arrangements presents both challenges and opportunities for the corporate travel management sector, says Jamie Gray of Gilpin Travel.


One of the three finalists in the Best Young Travel Agency Executive – Corporate category of the TAANZ National Travel Industry Awards (NTIA), Gray has been with Gilpin for about two years. ‘With mobile technology, people want things to happen now and they want to have access so they can make their own changes. ‘For companies wanting their travellers to stay within policy that can be a challenge and for us it is about ensuring people have the information and the tools they need.’ She says the trend means that companies may be less likely to have one key travel coordinator – as more employees handle their own travel plans using technology available.


Gray works mainly with small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and says as these companies grow so too do their responsibilities when it comes to travel. ‘I am often talking about duty of care when it comes to travel. I think this is something that has been highlighted even more by the Christchurch events – it shows that it can happen anywhere and that companies should always be thinking about their response in such situations.’ Gray also sees her role as giving companies an oversight on their travel policies. ‘I like to talk about how specific behaviours can impact on their bottom line. It’s about getting to know the clients and their different needs and working out how to personalise this within what can be a fairly generic environment.’

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