Josh Loughnan Josh Loughnan

Stress busting for clients key aim of Weka Travel

Building trust with the trade and taking away stress points for clients (and therefore agents) through personalised itineraries and service are key factors in the success of Weka Travel, says the company’s founder and director Josh Loughnan.

‘When an agent comes to us we work closely with the client to understand their needs, build an itinerary and add special touches. If the client comes back to us in the future we always ensure that we refer back to the agent. It all comes down to trust.’

Loughnan says Weka’s mission is to help clients spend less time in queues or stressing over details and more time exploring. This means agents earn commission while saving time and ridding themselves of midnight calls.

‘We have travel designers and a network of staff in key destinations across Europe so that means there is a network of local knowledge and support on the ground, in the same time zone as agents’ clients during their travels.’

He says an important part of the support system offered is a personalised Travel App – a digital hub for clients’ complete itinerary, documentation and real-time assistance.

‘If a flight is cancelled, for example, and they have a transfer organised they will receive a message about the changes. We’re always one step ahead so that they will not be overwhelmed by anything.’

Loughnan says the company has solid relationships with a range of travel brokers and agent, working with clients particularly through the European destinations of Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and beyond.

He recognises that there is a perception that some parts of Europe are overcrowded but in reality that can be overcome through local knowledge.

‘We know what days cruise ships are coming in and how we can work around that, we can help with the best days to visit attractions and what time of the day crowds can be avoided.

‘We talk about shoulder seasons like September and March but also the winter – it is still a good time to go with the Christmas markets and festivals based around food and wine.’