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Seeing Sweden by bike

Biking in Sweden is proving to be popular this year, according to A Walker’s World.


‘A Taste of Sweden is a wonderful introduction to Stockholm, a city built on 14 lakes with a history dating from the Vikings,’ says A Walker’s World’s Jill Grant. ‘After discovering by bike the historic palaces and museums plus Gamla Stan, the Old Town, the tour then explores modern-day Stockholm’s Bohemian districts with sculpture parks, bio-dynamic gardens, trend-setting restaurants and the not-to-be-missed ABBA Museum.’ Cyclists then leave Stockholm and for the ‘immense nature’ of remote Somland and the idyllic towns with red-roofed houses and cobbled alleys that hug the shore of the Baltic Sea. The nine-day tour ends back in Stockholm. The tour is easy flat cycling mostly on bike paths in Stockholm with some gravel paths in the country, says Grant.


Ferries and a train journey are incorporated into the itinerary. Cost is from $2059 plus bike hire. CLICK HERE to see the itinerary. For a wider exploration of Sweden, the Stockholm to Copenhagen tour crosses Sweden by bike and a train journey to Gothenburg. ‘This archipelago of car-free islands is perfect for cyclists,’ says Grant. ‘The route then follows the west coast down to Helsingborg in Denmark. It visits Kronberg Castle before ending in Copenhagen.’ This eight-day tour is graded easy to moderate. CLICK HERE to view the itinerary. Phone: 09 4867473/1