Jacinta Baker Jacinta Baker

Tips on selling cruise

As cruising continues to gain traction around the world and New Zealand’s borders inch closer to opening, a representative of the sector has given some tips on how to sell cruise to people who are hesitant.

Jacinta Baker, Norwegian Cruise Line’s (NCL’s) business development manager WA, NZ and home-based, says agents should advise clients ‘not to knock it until they have tried it.’

‘I think so many people have preconceptions about cruising before giving it a go, but as every travel agent knows, choosing the right cruise line for your customer is vital. In addition, cruising is A stress-free way to travel and even more so with our Sail Safe Health and Safety Program, ensuring travellers can return to cruise confidently.

Baker says the favourite part of her job is when she speaks to an agent who is full of excitement about a new booking or enquiry. ‘There are so many feel-good moments in travel, but after a challenging 20 months it is great to celebrate each little win with our trade partners.’

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