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Lydia Haydon, Creative Cruising New Zealand Lydia Haydon, Creative Cruising New Zealand

Cruise platform grows agents’ revenues

Digital platform Creative Cruising New Zealand, offered exclusively by First Travel Group (FTG), is giving individual travel retailers the ability to grow more cruise revenue.

Creative Cruising New Zealand has been picking up users this year who have white-labelled the platform. FTG is working with group members to add Creative Cruising New Zealand’s platform  to their websites so travel agents and customers can literally be on the same page.

When a customer books through the Creative Cruising New Zealand platform, cruise logistics, pricing, ticketing, reporting and metrics are all linked with the customer’s store of preference meaning revenue is retained by that store and exclusive deals backed by stronger buying power are made available to the customers.

Lydia Haydon of YOU Travel Bethlehem added Creative Cruising New Zealand to her website recently and says the system allows customers to do their own research then guarantees that their booking has accurate pricing with a supportive travel store to help. ‘It’s reassuring – they know they’re not getting a bogus price,’ Haydon says.

The click-through functionality means the booking experience is the same whether the sale is a trade sale or being retailed to individuals, inside or outside the store. The customer’s experience is branded and comes with the store’s guarantees, advertising and marketing calls-to-action with the customer’s travel itinerary formatted with clear information about the ships, ports and calendar.

Powered by Odysseus Solutions, Creative Cruising New Zealand automates processes to streamline sales with all pricing in NZD, access to full management reporting and any opportunities to earn more revenue through centralising all cruise bookings via one platform.