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Australia focuses on yield and reconnection: Trade famils part of that

A new consumer attitude to travel arising from being locked down and having savings to spend is one of the key trends being focused on by Tourism Australia, says managing director Phillipa Harrison.

Speaking at a press conference during the Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE 2022), Harrison noted that people don’t want discounts, they want experiences.

‘There is a new view of what value looks like and that’s a real opportunity for us.’

Harrison says Tourism Australia intends to focus on the high yield traveller but that does not necessarily mean high worth individuals.

‘Of course premium and luxury is part of that but we are also looking at working holiday makers, business events delegates and others. To us a high yield traveller is someone who spends discretionary funds on travel and highly values the experience.

She also notes that reconnection with family and friends also continues to be a focus.

‘This is no longer regarded as a discretionary item, but more of a right. There is also a significant wellness aspect to that.’

On the subject of connecting, Harrison says Australia will be ‘doubling down’ on advocacy and famil programmes with trade partners.

‘We want to show people, not tell (just) them that Australia is open.’

Harrison says digital nomads are a new travel segment that fit will with the country’s aims.

‘The Working From Anywhere trend is important because it is leading to longer stays. This will be particularly relevant for business events visitors who may combine a conference with business and a holiday.’

She says BE visitors make up 15% of Australia’s arrivals.

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