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ASP adds second tier

Tourism Australia has introduced a second tier to its travel agent training in New Zealand with the introduction of the Premier Aussie Specialist Program.

The premier membership category acknowledges destination expertise, inside knowledge and strong ties with the Australian travel industry with an established record of selling Australia.

It recognises the advocacy of travel advisors who have been selling Australia for many years and will continue selling Australia holidays.

Premier Aussie Specialists can attend exclusive travel industry workshops, market updates, and training events hosted by Tourism Australia and Australia’s states and territories. There’s opportunity to apply for marketing funding to assist agents promoting Australia.

‘We would like to show our appreciation and deepen engagement with those front line agents who have invested significant time and effort in gaining a deeper understanding of the destination in order to create meaningful itineraries for their customers,’ says Andrew Hutchinson, general manager of domestic and New Zealand at Tourism Australia.

The Aussie Specialist Program includes over 26,000 qualified Aussie Specialists worldwide, with more than 600 across New Zealand. Tourism Australia has recently refreshed the programme, with greater personalisation, faster qualifying times, and more interactive training modules.

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