Ian and Lillian Mann, Travel Norfolk Ian and Lillian Mann, Travel Norfolk

DMC launches on Norfolk Island

A demand for premium product has led Kiwi ex-pats Lillian and Ian Mann to launch Travel Norfolk, a service for travellers wanting flexibility, custom made experiences, and the reassurance of having someone ‘on the ground’ to ensure that special excursions are pre-booked and confirmed before they leave home.


The Manns come from owning three travel agencies in West Auckland and understand the flexibility required by travellers. ‘Travel Norfolk suits people who don’t necessarily fit a ‘tour bus’ model,’ says Lillian Mann. ‘For example multigenerational groups need flexibility. We can do personal pick-ups, source a private chef and arrange fancy picnics or unique dining experiences such as on a glass bottom boat or cliff-top.’ Visitors may not realise they need to book some activities in advance, such as the Phillip Island walk which is gaining in popularity, continues Mann.


A reasonable level of fitness and agility is required as ladders and ropes are used to scale some parts of the island. Visitors looking for short-term rentals for longer than the usual holiday period is a trend Mann is seeing out of Australia. The Manns’ Norfolk Island Property Management company has homes available for rentals longer than 30 days but some, like King Tide House can be rented short term. The two-bedroom King Tide House sits cliff top overlooking Anson Bay and next door to The Hilli Goat that offers farm tours and will soon open a café. The rate of A$520 per night includes a rental car and a half day tour with Baunti Escapes. King Tide House is commissionable and agents should enquire via: www.kingtidehouse.com www.traveltonorfolkisland.com/