Chris Ingram, Memphis Tourism Chris Ingram, Memphis Tourism

Memphis ready and testing

Chris Ingram, director - Australia / New Zealand at Memphis Tourism says last week's border announcement is ‘timely news’ from the Government.

‘Without a doubt it has taken some courage for them to arrive at this decision and so full credit to them. Of course the decision means that Kiwis around the world can now return home to reconnect with loved ones, but it also means that Kiwis and Kiwi businesses can start to travel again and reconnect with the world, in my case the US.

‘From a Memphis perspective, we’ve been ready and waiting since November 2021 when Memphis International Airport partnered with ZüpMed, a local concierge medical clinic to open an onsite Covid-19 testing and services location. Designed to provide flyers with immediate access to Covid testing and travel guidance during the pandemic, the new project is called Travelers Health Services. The site is open seven days a week from 5 am to 8pm.

‘As long as there is Covid, there will be a need for testing, vaccination and guidance,’ Ingram says. ‘For the foreseeable future, Covid-19 will continue  to affect air travel, and as borders begin to open in Australia and New Zealand to the United States, this will be an important service for our city to have onsite at Memphis International Airport to assist travellers to safely and more conveniently reach their destinations.’

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