Malahat SkyWalk adventure net Malahat SkyWalk adventure net

New high in Canada

World Journeys reports that a new attraction offering the ‘ultimate natural high’ has opened on Vancouver Island, BC.

The Malahat SkyWalk immerses visitors in nature as they embark along a wooden walkway through the forest, then ascend a circular ramp gently rising to the top of a 10-storey, spiral tower lookout.

At the top, guests are 250 metres above sea level and enjoy 360-degree views of two countries, including islands, inlets, fjords, forests and mountains in British Columbia and Washington State.

Also at the top, visitors can walk on an ‘adventure net’ suspended partially across the centre of the tower. On the descent, guests can choose to retrace their steps or take a ride down a 20m spiral slide. Malahat SkyWalk is on the traditional territory of the Malahat Nation and their indigenous stories are embedded in the visitor experience.

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