Casa Republica, Lima, Peru Casa Republica, Lima, Peru

Viva: 'Peru is coming back’

After enduring some of the worst of the Covid pandemic so far, Peru’s cases are dropping, vaccines are increasing, and the country is welcoming tourists back.

Viva Expeditions’ hotel and operations manager, Nick Macciocca has been at Casa República in Lima and reports an increase in occupancy month on month with August now having 50% occupancy during the week, growing to 70% on weekends following a trend nationwide. All hotel staff are back on full hours and the hotel has had to increase its staff numbers to meet increasing demand.

Occupants in the hotel are a mix of business and leisure travellers, 80% from the US/Canada, 10% Europe and 10% local Peruvians during the week, with weekends swelling due to the rooftop bar, showing a mix of 50/50 locals and foreigners. Last minute bookings are the current trend.

The Peruvian borders were recently opened to international visitors, without the need to quarantine on arrival.  Since this opening in March 2021 the Covid cases and deaths have been on a steady and significant decline, whilst vaccination rates are accelerating. Peru has secured 90 million doses of various vaccines to cover its 33 million population, with hopes to be complete by November 2021.

Numerous restrictions are still in place.  Masks are compulsory in public areas, supermarkets, shopping malls, shops, pharmacies, airports, and on domestic flights.  Bars and restaurants are still restricted in capacity to 50%, and in bars everyone must be seated with table service only. Beaches and gyms are all now open.

Peru is receiving international travellers from all nations without the need for travellers to quarantine, apart from visitors from India, Brazil and South Africa, who require 14 days in a third ‘safe’ country prior to entering. 
For all others, it is open, providing a negative PCR test is presented 72 hours prior to departure from the country of origin, or an antigen test is taken on arrival at the tourist’s expense and results are negative.

Viva Expeditions is working on its post pandemic product range with a focus on avoiding over tourism and facilitating engagement between travellers and the communities they visit.

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