Brent Overbeek Brent Overbeek

HA to seasonal AKL service

Hawaiian Airlines will pause its Honolulu to Auckland service in April next year and resume in November having made a decision to reduce the year round schedule.

Brent Overbeek, executive vice president and chief revenue officer for HA, says Auckland has always been the most seasonal market on the carrier’s network.

‘Post-Covid that seasonality has become even more pronounced and some of the off-peak periods are more challenging,’ says Overbeek.

‘We felt that to improve financial performance, this was the time to redeploy our assets in the northern summer.’

He says agents can be assured that the airline will still retain its partnership with the trade and offer various options.

Overbeek was not in a position to discuss arrangements or coming changes in the New Zealand office yesterday.

‘We are in consultation with the team there and we are working through things with them.

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