Rako: Site shift at AKL

Rako: Site shift at AKL

Rako Science has set-up a new sample collection site at the Auckland International Airport terminal.

This comes as Rako Science chief science officer, Dr Stephen Grice announces a new set of features for Rako’s pre-departure Covid-19 PCR saliva travel certificate. The first change is to replace UTC and add NZST into the certificate but to continue to also reference UTC/GMT.

The second change is to add a QR code that can be scanned by customs and immigration authorities to go to the Rako Science verification website so they can check the authenticity of each individual travel certificate.

‘We received feedback from airlines and travel agents about 10 days ago and we have responded quickly to ensure we deliver the best service possible,’ Grice says. ‘We also learned that one country is now requiring QR verification for travel certificates and so it is good to have that feature for when other countries follow suit.’

He says shifting the collection site to the ground floor of the Auckland International Airport terminal will make it easier to find.  The terminal collection site will also soon have the ability to print travel certificates to support travellers that want a physical copy.

For trade related queries contact Tracey Brennan, travel trade manager traveltrade@rakoscience.co.nz

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