Most people still open to air travel

Most people still open to air travel

 Most consumers are open to air travel and overall fear levels about catching Covid-19 while flying are ‘tepid’, according to research by a global analytics and data company.

OAG surveyed 4000 global users of its flightview app and found that 69% intend to fly internationally within the next six months, while 79% have plans for domestic travel.

‘While many consumers remain wary of catching Covid-19 while travelling, the overall fear factor (as it relates to catching the virus while at the airport or flying) is not as prominent as most think,’ says the report. ‘On a scale of 1-10, with one being not concerned with catching the virus and 10 being very concerned, 52% of respondents rated their fear level at five or below, and only 32% said it was an eight or higher.

‘Nearly a third of travellers have not adjusted their travel habits (and don't plan to) as a result of the virus. When it comes to those that are adjusting their habits, there is a segment of the population still wanting to fly but taking a more conservative approach.’

The survey shows that of the people that will travel but make adjustments, 37% say they will fly it is critical to do so, 25% say they will fly directly and avoid using connecting flights and airports, while 10% say they will fly during off-peak times.

‘As the industry recovers, direct flights and domestic travel will become even more popular. Airlines and tourism companies can potentially boost passenger levels by focusing their efforts around these trends.’

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