Greg Foran Greg Foran

Air New Zealand addresses workforce issues

Greg Foran, chief executive officer of Air New Zealand, has reiterated that the airline expects to be at least 30% smaller in a year’s time than it is today and will need to reduce the size of the workforce by up to 3500 roles.

‘The extent of this reduction is based on conservative assumptions and we may have to change these as the situation evolves, especially if the Level 4 Alert goes beyond the planned 28 days or border restrictions are in place for a prolonged period’ Foran says.

‘This week we have begun the process of consulting about large-scale workforce reductions in our international regions. New Zealand will follow. These are painful but necessary measures to ensure this country retains its national airline in the long term, albeit a smaller one.

‘We are committed to supporting affected Air New Zealanders as they transition out of the business. We are exploring redeployment opportunities and have in place a range of free independent services, such as budgeting, mental health counselling support and career advice.

‘I am conscious that a smaller Air New Zealand also comes with a significant impact on our suppliers, some of whom may have to reduce the size of their workforces as well.’

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