Stu Freeman – Director
Stu Freeman –
+64 274 842 863

Stu is our publisher extraordinaire. You can usually see him out and about chinwagging at events and doing ‘very serious’ business for Meeting Newz and TRAVELinc. He started out as a newspaper journalist before the Iranian revolution and has worked for at least four publications that don't even exist anymore. He took up a contract role with a magazine called Meeting Newz in the late 1980s and eventually bought the title… and the rest is history.

Trish Freeman – Director
Trish Freeman –
+64 274 430 837

Trish keeps the ProMag wheels moving, taking care of our finances, data and a whole myriad of things. She’s also our best proof reader. Trish loves the people and the places and the variety of what we do at ProMag, and she also loves it when people tell her they read our mags in the bath, at the beach, in bed, on the deck with the glass of wine....and even at their desks.

Marg Patten – Finance Manager
Marg Patten – Finance

Marg is our 'number cruncher’ who loves making those columns balance. And after they do, you’ll find Marg outside developing her country garden or in the kitchen creating menus worthy of a Michelin star restaurant. Marg also loves hanging out with her dog Rocco.