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Stu Freeman

Managing Director

Stu Freeman

I was a newspaper journalist before the Iranian revolution and have worked for at least four publications that don't even exist anymore (does anyone remember the Auckland Star?) My first foray into travel journalism was with TNT in London, followed by a stint 'back home' with a travel trade magazine. I took up a contract role with a magazine called Meeting Newz in the late 1980s and eventually bought the title... I am still the editor for my sins. These days I also work with a great team (which has grown a bit lately) at ProMag and try to look busy while everyone else does the real work.

T: +64 9 818 7807 extn 4
M: +64 274 842 863 

Trish Freeman


Trish Freeman

I guess once you have worked in the travel and hospitality area you are hooked. Adding the media aspect to the mix means at ProMag we all just run to keep up with not only deadlines but the whole sphere of print, digital and social media. In the end though it all comes down to people and relationships and connecting people with people. I love the people and the places and the variety of what we do at ProMag, and I love it when people tell me they read our mags in the bath, at the beach, in bed, on the deck with the glass of wine....and hey some people even read copies at their desk (if it stays there long enough) and their lunch rooms and reception areas.

T: +64 9 818 7807 extn 7
M: +64 274 430 837

Allyssa Eastaugh

General Manager

Staring back down the road that has led me to ProMag, I can see a mix of event management, business development, sponsorship and marketing. From private business to international sports to local government, it is an eclectic mix of skills, challenges and laughs had over the last 15 years. I’m proud to say ProMag has been my home for two years now and what a privilege to be working with such a talented team, together we strive to reach the next level of vision.

T: +64 9 818 7807 extn 5
M: +64 27 266 1947

Heather Lowrie

Advertising - Meeting Newz

I’ve worked in magazine advertising sales for almost as long as Meeting Newz has been published, and seen our industry through huge changes and challenges. I love the way ProMag has embraced new media and used it to enhance our readers' experience and add value for our advertisers. I’m here to promote that value and continue to bring innovative businesses and exciting venues on board. Free plug or interesting fact… When I’m not selling advertising I’m spreading my love of keeping chickens around Auckland. My weekend business helps city slickers with a taste for the country and free-range eggs get set up their own backyard chooks.

M: +64 21 599 929

Gary Covich

Graphic Designer

With 20 something (plus plus) years working as an art director and creative visualiser for ad agencies, film production companies and trendy graphic design studios. Long have gone the good old days of three hour lunch breaks, black fitting polar necks and bull gum stained fingernails. In 2010 it was time to venture out west where I discovered the hard working ProMag crew. Most days we bury ourselves neck deep in magazine production, state of the art digital imaging and fancy client ads using only the best multi-coloured crayons, PVA glue and reflective glitter.

T: +64 9 818 7807


Marg Patten



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