Derek Nice Derek Nice

NF’s CEO to Kiwi travellers: ‘Don’t miss out on Vanuatu’

New Zealand and Australian travellers could be missing out on a back yard destination unlike anywhere else in the world, according to new Air Vanuatu chief executive officer, Derek Nice, who attended his first Tok Tok last week after being in the job just eight weeks.


‘I’ve met visitors from India, China, France, Spain and the US since I’ve arrived in Vanuatu,’ says Nice, a Canadian whose most recent position was with a regional airline in the Caribbean. ‘They are discovering something not found anywhere else. New Zealanders and Australians don’t realise it and can fall into the trap of thinking Vanuatu is not a worthwhile destination.


‘I believe there is room for growth in our traditional markets because we have a very different product. Efate has an international flavour and there is unmatched opportunity for the outer islands with eco-tourism, culture, diving and volcanoes all in one destination.’ Air Vanuatu will launch special fares for the 2019 February March low season this week. Agents are encouraged to look out for return fares under $500 that will be supported by offers by accommodation providers.