A new logo and branding tagline for the Solomon Islands A new logo and branding tagline for the Solomon Islands

New brand comes with big target for tourism growth

A new brand, a new logo and a new name for the Solomon Islands’ national tourism organisation was launched in Honiara last night.


A key component of the new branding sees the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau being renamed Tourism Solomons and the NTO’s familiar sun, island and sea logo replaced with an iconic Solomon Islands’ dugout canoe. Solomon Islands prime minister, Rick Hou unveiled the new look as the country celebrates its 40th year of independence. It comes with an ambitious target to double tourism earnings from an expected half a billion SBD in 2018 to one billion in five to seven years. ‘A total transformation is needed to achieve this exponential growth,’ says Hou. ‘We need to re-look at how we position, promote and market ourselves as a favourable tourist destination – hence the need to rebrand.’


It will take a combined effort between government, the tourism industry private sector partners and overseas partners, he says. Tourism Solomons CEO, Josefa ‘Jo’ Tuamoto says the move to change is the right move. ‘The ‘Solomon Is.’ tagline has been created to be versatile, covering every niche the multifaceted destination offers, and which set these Hapi Isles apart from its South Pacific neighbours,’ he says. ‘The beauty of this new brand is it allows us to attach the ‘Solomons Is.’ tag line to just about anything – be that an emotion, an action, a noun or adjective – and we can also readily combine it to target specific demographics such as couples, honeymooners, families, etc. ‘No matter how the destination matures and marketing emphasis evolves, ‘Solomon Is.’ is now the brand.’


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