Tuesday, 08 December 2020 23:18

NZ tourism in for tough 6 months

Business confidence in New Zealand’s tourism industry is improving but remains low, according to Tourism New Zealand’s latest industry survey.

‘As expected, the six month outlook is poor, with some optimism for the 12 month outlook. This shows that despite the increase in domestic tourism (and business reorientation) businesses are still concerned in the wake of Covid-19 and border restrictions. The poor six month outlook reflects the importance of summer months to businesses, a time when international visitors and

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Thursday, 21 May 2020 23:04

TNZ launches domestic campaign

'Do Something New, New Zealand' is the tagline of a just released marketing campaign from Tourism New Zealand that encourages domestic tourism. It will continue across the year with the aim of helping drive demand to the tourism sector right across New Zealand.

'Now is the perfect time for Kiwis to make their ‘NZ must do’ bucket list item a reality. We’ve all got things we’ve always wanted to see and do. This campaign shares those moments and gets people

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While Tourism New Zealand is confident there will be a viable visitor economy for the country, the results of its pre Budget survey make grim reading.

Operators are forecasting layoffs to 52% of their work force, in the regions 49% lay-offs.  All businesses surveyed report making hard decisions to keep their business alive – 37% have reduced staff, 31% are mothballing assets and operations, 9% have sold assets.  

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