Matt Brady, Pan Pacific Travel Matt Brady, Pan Pacific Travel

ITOs 'can't hibernate'

Going into hibernation is not an option for inbound tour operators who are working on programmes a year or two into the future, this week’s Epidemic Response Parliamentary Committee was told.

‘We’re seeing some attractions, hotels and others going into hibernation but that doesn't work for us,’ says Matt Brady, managing director of Pan Pacific.

‘We are working on programmes for 2021 and 2022 and keeping New Zealand top of mind with operators who are looking to next year. We are looking at product development and in investing in business that we won’t see a return on for 18 months.

‘Right now we have zero revenue – not $1. We’re crunching numbers on that lasting for potentially 12 months. We are fighting for our very existence and for the welfare of our team.

Pan Pacific is a member of the Tourism Export Council of New Zealand (TECNZ), which has 71 inbound tour operator (ITO) members. These companies handle one out of every three long haul visitors to New Zealand,’ Brady says.

Pan Pacific deals with overseas tour operators and travel agents, as well as local suppliers – anything from lodges and coaches to rental cars and chauffeur driven vehicles.

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