Rahul Sharma Rahul Sharma

No substitute for hard work

There is no substitute for hard work when it comes to achieving in the travel industry, says Rahul Sharma, managing director of Exotic Holidays.


‘Whatever you may do, or whatever you may create, you won’t be able to achieve your goals without 100% dedication and hard work,’ says Sharma. Exotic Holidays has already racked up considerable awards success in its eight years of existence and is now a finalist in the niche wholesaler category of the TAANZ NTIA. Sharma says success can come after a lot of ‘sweat and tears, sleepless nights and the patience to put a winning team together.’ 


That team now has eight people in it, and Exotic is looking for two more to join it. Sharma says new members of the team need to be able to embrace the company’s philosophy and ideology.’ ‘We did not learn about customer service in any school – it is in our blood and in our DNA.’ He says Exotic prides itself on having full knowledge of the destinations it sells. ‘If we don’t have the expertise, we don’t sell it.’ He says each and every enquiry is important to Exotic Holidays – ‘whether it is for one night in Hong Kong or six weeks in India.’ He says the company is still not preferred with some wholesalers. ‘My goal is to prove to them that everyone, including their clients, stands to benefit with our top class service, attention and rates.’