Into the trees at Rotorua

Into the trees at Rotorua

A 20-metre-high viewing platform has been added to Rotorua’s popular Redwoods Treewalk.

The activity, located in Rotorua’s famous Redwoods Forest in the heart of the city, already features the world’s longest tree suspended walkway and a collection of David Trubridge lanterns to provide an other-worldly nighttime experience.  

The new platform allows those looking for more of a thrill the ability to stand on one of two glass viewing panels, similar to Auckland’s Sky Tower, and see the forest floor about six stories below them.  

Keeping in line with the strong focus on being ecologically friendly, the new platform is suspended around one of the largest trees in the Redwoods Treewalk zone using slings, so as not to harm the tree. 

Open as part of the day experience, access to the new platform is included in the ticket cost. For trade clients, there is the opportunity for the platform, which can hold about 30 people, to be used at night for dinners or other small events, says co-founder and director Bruce Thomasen.

‘With bridges ranging from 6m to 12m above the ground, the Treewalk gives an amazing, elevated perspective of Rotorua’s iconic Redwood Forest. But this new platform is even higher again, 8m above the Treewalk, and adds yet another dimension to the experience.’