Reconnecting with loved ones is a clear frontrunner for 'revenge travel' Reconnecting with loved ones is a clear frontrunner for 'revenge travel'

Survey: Reconnection’ travel priority for Kiwis

Although the term ‘revenge travel’– the urge to travel to make up for lost time in lockdown – has gained popularity globally over the course of the pandemic, a recent survey suggests Kiwi travellers are actually prioritising ‘reconnection travel – defined as reconnecting with the planet and its people – when they take their next adventure travel tour.

That’s not to say they aren’t frustrated, according to the survey by G Adventures.  Of all travellers surveyed globally, those living down under were the only ones to vote ‘revenge travel’ as their second motivator at 16%, with revitalisation travel – a desire for their next holiday to be about personal well being – sliding in third at 12%, against a global average of 18%.

At 41% reconnection travel is, however, the clear frontrunner in the survey which polled more than 500 travellers in New Zealand and Australia about their intentions for their post-pandemic travel plans.

In the same survey, 93% of travellers said travel is important to their wellbeing and mental health, indicating they are looking to take their next holiday in a way that not only helps them reconnect, but optimises travel as a means of revitalisation too.

When it comes to reconnecting, 47% of Kiwis and Aussies want to take time out from their devices and social media, with a further 26% expressing that socialising and meeting new people is their top wellbeing priority .

Additionally, 45% of those polled cited needing a holiday to help alleviate pandemic-related stress or burnout from work – lower than the global average of 53%, but still a significant percentage.

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