The Travel Corporation's Scott Cleaver and Mark Turner The Travel Corporation's Scott Cleaver and Mark Turner

Bringing back confidence

Trafalgar’s official launch back into the domestic market next week will be a positive step to give both the trade and consumers confidence in the future of travel, says Scott Cleaver, managing director of The Travel Corporation NZ.

Details of the domestic programme are yet to be released, but Cleaver says the range of itineraries will encompass both the North and South Islands and will introduce Kiwis to locals doing sustainable things.

‘All of the itineraries will give back and support local communities. Trafalgar will offer culturally immersive, genuine travel experiences that can be had right in our own backyard.

‘We’re excited after the last few weeks to be talking to our travel partners about getting things moving again,’ he adds.

Cleaver says The Travel Corporation has definitely felt a ‘change in the psychology of the market’ here but realises there is a wide range of feelings towards travel, just as there is in other parts of the world.

‘Our research globally shows that the number of people who say they would travel (internationally) tomorrow is low, but so too is the amount of people who say they will never travel again. A far greater percentage are keen to travel but say they need to wait and see how and when that will happen.’

Cleaver says nobody in the industry will be cavalier about what steps need to be taken, and The Travel Corporation has strong messaging around ‘wellness protocols’ focused n the health and safety of travellers.

‘It is about balancing the message between making sure people feel safe but not overwhelming them with messages about that.’




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