Gig economy to help reset

Gig economy to help reset

Embracing the gig (or in demand) economy will be one of the key ways for both employees and businesses to make a fresh start as economies emerge from the effects of Covid19, according to a presenter in the international Tourism Expert recovery webinar series.

Karen Priest, of Tourism Talent, says that while the gig economy is nothing new it is likely to be become even more prevalent as full time positions become scarce and businesses look to set strategic goals while remaining agile and flexible.

Priest says the gig economy is characterised by freelance or short term contract work as opposed to permanent jobs.

‘This is a big opportunity for the travel and tourism sectors. Some businesses will be resetting strategies and need high level skill sets. So the gig economy can be a win win.’

Though Priest is based in Perth, Tourism Talent was founded in New Zealand and has launched a new service called Gig Connect here to assist tourism, travel and hospitality sectors to rebuild. It will give small and medium sized businesses access to experts across a wide range of disciplines, saving companies the cost of taking on full time senior executives.

Priest says it has advantages for people who may find themselves out of work due to the crisis. ‘Most roles have an immediate start and they can lead to ongoing business or back to permanent work.

‘More people are deriving their income this way, perhaps running their own small businesses but also earning through three or four other sources.’

Entitled Crisis and Careers – Navigating the Storm, Priest’s address was part of the ongoing Keeping the Dream Alive series being run by the World Tourism Association of Culture and Heritage, in conjunction with MyTravel Matters and Low Season Traveller.


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