Squash ‘middle seat hysteria’

Squash ‘middle seat hysteria’

The aviation and general travel industry has to rebuild traveller confidence and put an end to stories that have little basis but get plenty of air time, according to UK based John Grant of Midas Aviation.

‘There is so much hysteria about the middle seat and we need to squash this. The seat is 17 inches (43cms) wide in most cases and whether it is empty or not fully defeats the whole argument for social distancing.

‘And the truth is we will not require that seat for some time on the vast majority of flights because the demand will be quite low.’

Grant gave an address entitled Aviation in Crisis as part of the Tourism Expert Recovery webinar series presented by the World Travel Association of Culture and Heritage, MyTravel Research and Low Season Traveller.

‘We have to begin to highlight the positive messages – forward booking demand, new routes, growth in capacity etc.’

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