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Tips for job seekers

Jo Walton, recruitment consultant – NZ with TMS Talent shares her insights into options for travel and hospitality job seekers in the current environment.

With the hard-hitting effects the COVID 19 pandemic has had on travel, what tips do you have for job seekers in this market?
‘I have been having daily conversations with candidates and clients in the travel and hospitality sectors across NZ. The best piece of advice I can give them is to be flexible and nimble with a willingness to look to other industries for a short period to bridge this gap. It’s evident that travel is going to be a slow build although it’s a certainty that it will be back.’

How do you suggest candidates with strong travel experience could use their skills in other sectors? ‘I have worked with hundreds of candidates with strong customer service and telemarketing skills from travel. These skills are fully transferable to other industry sectors as are marketing, sales, operations and finance. I am presenting candidates based on their strong skills rather than their specific industry experience.’

Are there any risks candidates may face by breaking their travel career with a stint in another sector? ‘There are no risks at all! Clients in the travel industry are making it clear that they have a strong desire to rehire and rebuild however this could take some time. In the meantime, candidates need to be proactive and flexible. The positive news is there are several industries still hiring despite the effects of Covid-19. Even if your dream job is in travel, now is the time to broaden your horizons and look to expand your skillset.

You can always come back to travel when our borders open and the strong demand for travel skills returns.’ If work is not available at all, what are the most positive steps candidates can be taking to prime themselves for future opportunities? ‘Why not use this time to ensure your social media across all channels is up to date and shows your best self. Employers do use these channels to gain insight into candidates’ personalities. Having recommendations and up to date skills on LinkedIn for example can be a differentiator. Updating your CV on Seek and sending your up to date CV to us at TMS Talent is also imperative to ensure you are ready to be found when the market starts to turn.’


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