Andrew Olsen Andrew Olsen

TAANZ on Comm Comm advice

The Travel Agents’ Association of New Zealand (TAANZ) has passed on comments and guidelines from the Commerce Commission, saying they are a reminder to make sure agents are clear and consistent on any fees policy.

The commission says it has received ‘more than 100’ complaints about travel subscription and events cancellations and refunds related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

‘We have asked for further breakdown of the 100-odd complaints which include subscription and event complaints to include only NZ-based travel agents by type of complaint received. The information may be withheld under the Official Information Act but we will see how we go,’ says TAANZ CEO Andrew Olsen.

‘Detail aside, in the context of the thousands of refunds and credits you are successfully handling it’s a bloody good result and good on you all for the mostly unrecognised work you are doing,’ Olsen wrote to TAANZ members.

The commission this week released some guidance for businesses and consumers on consumers’ rights and businesses’ obligations for cancelled services and events.