Alisa Wilson Alisa Wilson

Offer more, be innovative

Retail travel employers need to either lift salaries or get more innovative with their salary packaging options to attract and retain quality staff in a time when the sector continues to experience a skills shortage, according to a report released today.


The TMS Talent Travel Salary Guide New Zealand 2019 reveals the average earnings for a retail travel consultant sit at $53,000 – $48,000 at a low level, $60,000 at the high end. The average salary for a team leader is $67,000, for an area sales manager $108,000, the guide says. The report states business owners should consider increases in base salaries and other benefits to attract and retain experienced travel staff. ‘Specialist destination and product knowledge result in increased retail salaries. Employers will pay a premium for retail travel consultants with a loyal customer base.’ In the guide, TMS Talent’s recruitment team manager Alisa Wilson says employers willing to offer career progression, famils and a slightly higher salary are providing experienced travel consultants with a compelling proposition to move. ‘With the most in demand travel roles (travel consultant) yet to feature on the Government’s Essential Skills in Demand (ESID) list (the only occupations in travel and tourism to feature being outdoor adventure master, sky diving instructor or ski instructor) there appears to be no relief in sight for employers looking to attract foreign skilled workers through more relaxed visa requirements. John Terry, TMS Talent group managing director says in 2019 the New Zealand travel and tourism sector has witnessed a skills shortage right across the board. ‘To differentiate themselves, New Zealand travel employers are embracing new flexible working practices, as well as increasing their focus on learning and development to attract and retain quality staff.’


‘Specialist skills’ attract top salaries

To earn top salaries in the corporate travel area, candidates should demonstrate that they come with specialist skills, says a report released today. The TMS Talent Travel Salary Guide says corporate travel agents with specialist skills such as manual ticketing or group travel experience are highly sought after. At the same time, employers willing to consider account manager and business development managers from outside the travel sector are seeing success and higher retention rates in corporate travel,’ the guide states. It shows the average salary for a corporate travel consultant is $52,000. The lower end of the scale is $45,000, the higher 55K. For senior corporate travel consultants the average salary is $63,000 – $70,000 represents the higher end of the scale. An account manager can expect, on average, $76,000 and a business development manager $71,500.