Kay Humphries ‘in the field’ at the Grand Canyon Kay Humphries ‘in the field’ at the Grand Canyon

Network, upskill...

Asking for help, upskilling and networking are essential ingredients for travel brokers, says one of the finalists in the Best Broker category of the TAANZ National Travel Industry Awards (NTIA).


Kay Humphries, of KHTravel and part of The Travel Brokers, admits it can be lonely working from home. ‘Taking every opportunity to interact with colleagues who can offer help, tips and advice is invaluable. ‘At The Travel Brokers we have regional meetings and conferences which offer opportunities to meet suppliers and network. There is also an active chat room for help and support. We all have different challenges and it is awesome to have the wider network of brokers, along with the support team, on your side.’ Humphries says it is also important for brokers to ‘set boundaries from the start and stick to them. ‘It is easy to become client-work focused and forget about you and your family’s needs. Growing a business can become all consuming, so look after yourself.’


Humphries started brokering in 1998 with Jetsave Travel. ‘I went back into retail store ownership for a few years but was back brokering by 2004. It started as a lifestyle choice as I had three young children, but as the business has grown and technology improved it is so much more than that now.’ She feels the advances in technology have been a major factor in the increasing popularity of brokering – as has the increase in health and wellness awareness. ‘Working from home offers more flexibility and control over your work-life balance and this is a huge advantage.’

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