SITA: focus on cybersecurity

SITA: focus on cybersecurity

Airport IT spend is planned to rise this year, reaching 5.69% of revenues in 2018, and it’s poised to increase further in 2019, according to the latest SITA annual report.


The survey shows self-service processes, cybersecurity and biometric ID management initiatives feature prominently among airport investment priorities. ‘Crucially, airports are now fencing much more of their IT budgets around cybersecurity,’ the report says. A resounding theme is the momentum with which airports are automating passenger processes.


‘Self check-in via kiosks is almost ubiquitous because of significant past investments. ‘For future investments, 77% of airports have set their sights on biometric ID management solutions. These include self-boarding gates using biometrics and ID documents – 59% of airports have implementations and/or plans by 2021.’ SITA says the journey will also be made seamless by a greater focus on wait times, with well over half of the airports planning notifications to passengers’ mobile devices. • Earlier report: Tech spend set to rise for airlines, page 9 TRAVELinc Memo Friday 26 October

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