Fiona Atkinson Fiona Atkinson

School of thought

A travel broker who deals mainly with schools, Fiona Atkinson says listening to clients to understand exactly what they want out of a trip is one of the most important aspects of the business.


‘Then it’s a matter of putting it together for them, with any suggestions they may not have thought about, as well as ensuring a prompt response to enquiries and providing excellent customer service.’ Atkinson, of NZ Travel Brokers, is a finalist in the TAANZ National Travel Industry Awards 2018 and says she is always available to schools when they are travelling. ‘I know they find that really reassuring, especially if there are flight delays and the coach pickup time needs to be changed, or if someone loses a passport and they just need advice on what to do.’


Atkinson is based in Wellington but works with schools from all around the country. ‘Everything I put together for schools has to take into account that there will be teenagers on the trip, so the safety aspect is important.’ She says brokers are in a position to offer clients a truly personalised service. ‘We can arrange meetings to suit them, rather than needing them to come in to a store. We often get to know our clients really well, which makes arranging their trip a lot easier. ‘There is always going to be competition from others, but as long as you offer an excellent service the clients keep coming back.’