Working together vital, says Samoa Tourism Authority

Working together vital, says Samoa Tourism Authority

The industry needs to work together – tourism, sports, and agriculture – to help promote Samoa, says Jade Toomalatai, Samoa Tourism Authority.

‘While some already do, more accommodation providers need to consider packages or lowering rates outside of the busy season to help fill rooms in the off season,’ she says.

‘If not, tourists will go to other Pacific Islands, which may have more money to promote and also to discount rates.’

But the main difference of Samoa, and the reason why it does not want to become like some other destinations, is because of its natural organic beauty that is not overrun by tourists, Toomalatai says.

It does however need more funding to fill the accommodation it now has.

‘Samoa is a third world country and still developing, but one of the safest to visit, probably because of the people and their friendly nature. Samoans are brought up in a family-oriented environment in close-knit villages with some strict curfews to keep the younger generation out of trouble, which keeps peace within the villages. Those ideals overflow into our tourism industry, and the experience of visitors to Samoa.’

-Patrea Robson

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